Welcome to Dovercourt Baptist Church!

We are a community deeply passionate about one thing above all—Jesus Christ. We are a diverse group of individuals who have discovered hope in Christ, and our heartfelt desire is to extend that hope to others. At Dovercourt, we embrace people from all walks of life, committed to walking alongside each person on their journey to understanding who Jesus is.

Our journey traces back to the 1960s when Pastor Nightingale, guided by God's calling, laid the foundation for Dovercourt Baptist Church in Edmonton. Originating as a mission of Westwood Baptist Church, we embarked on this path with a clear vision—to be a church that embraces and loves people of all kinds, fully integrated into the fabric of our community. As an affiliated church of the Canadian National Baptist Convention and CNBC Alberta, we stand firmly rooted in our commitment to Christ and His teachings.

Looking forward, Dovercourt Baptist is on a mission to deepen our connection with the Edmonton community and its surroundings. Our vision includes the establishment of new Discipleship Groups, fostering meaningful Bible studies that cater to individuals of all ages. We actively seek opportunities to accompany people on their journey of discovering God, always open to new groups and individuals who wish to join us. Our commitment extends to exploring new avenues wherever they may be found.

To you, this means more than just a church; it means a welcoming space at Dovercourt Baptist Church. A seat is reserved for you, regardless of where you find yourself on your faith journey. In our church community, you will always be accepted, embraced, and valued. Come join us as we continue to build a community centered on the transformative love and grace of Jesus Christ.


Fostering a profound devotion to God, an unwavering commitment to people, and an impassioned dedication to serving and enriching lives. 


Empowering lives with the transformative message of Jesus Christ through authentic relationships, intentional discipleship, and inspiring worship experiences. 


Cultivating a vibrant culture at Dovercourt Baptist Church, our five core values define the essence of who we are and how we aspire to live out our faith:

  1. WORSHIP: Inspiring a grateful response from our community to a holy and loving God.

  2. DISCIPLESHIP: Nurturing a life-long commitment to the teachings, spirit, and person of Jesus Christ as our Lord.

  3. RELATIONSHIPS: Creating an environment where every member embodies the principles of Christ-like love.

  4. SERVICE: Addressing the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of our community and world through intentional acts of compassion.

  5. EVANGELISM: Engaging in purposeful activities to share and proclaim the transformative Gospel of Jesus Christ.

These values find unwavering support in every facet of our church through:

  • PRAYER: Serving as the spiritual foundation for both individual believers and the collective body, underpinning all our endeavors.

  • CHRIST-LIKE LOVE: Serving as the primary motivator for every action and initiative of the church, expressing love for Christ, one another, our community, and the world in all that we do.